Somhairlidh mhór mac Gillebride mhic Gilledomnán

  Somhairlidh (more commonly known as Somerled) is one of my ancestors and a great inspiration to me. He was a Norse/Gaelic King of the Isles in the Highlands of Scotland in the mid 12th century and considered a valiant hero. The reason that I am saying this is because I think it is important for Europeans, especially here in North America, to connect with their forefathers (or foremothers). Researching ancestry gives you a sense of belonging and reconnects you with the land. Finding noble warriors and heroes in your own lineage gives you a true European role model, which is especially important for younger people who idolize degenerate celebrities and the like.


Tales of Somhairlidh inspire in me strength, courage, and honour, and I am sure that I am not alone as there are many who can claim him as their own forebear. I hope that one day my descendants can look back on me and be proud of what I have done, and what I have stood for. This is what I fight for, for Family, for Honour, for Justice, for Europe!

Hagall Somhairlidh! Hagall Evrópa!



8 responses to “Somhairlidh mhór mac Gillebride mhic Gilledomnán

  1. I too have an interest in heritage. I found that my surnames had interesting roots. My mothers surname is O’Sullivan….historians claim it either means straight eye [good eye sight] or hawk eye in Gaellic. Its an old Irish clan that fought the Vikings, English and even traitorous clans in that time living in Ireland. A very big clan in southern Ireland…infact two separate clans lived on different sides of the river. Unfortunately I cannot go back that far in my family history but bet I could figure it out based on which side of the river they came from and the city they boarded boats to come to North America. My fathers side came from Brittany, France, surname Powers [named after Cleden-Poher, Brittany, France]. They Anglicized the surname to Powers upon arrival in America, and were loyal to the British Empire. Ironic I am descended from two sides that did not like each other. My mother was also German, my grand mother on that side came from Hessen, Germany, possibily Frankish however the surname is Rugen and that’s named after an island north of Germany and right next to Poland. Then I have some French Alpine heritage, my fathers mother who lived in Quebec originally came from the Alpine Region of southern France, bordering Switzerland. Apparently some of their ancestors were German-French speaking Alpines. I think I may be more of a Celt than I use to think hahahahahah But I say Celto-Germanic culturally and ethnically. Athough my German side I find interesting because its possible at one time the Rugen ancestor came from that Island that was Slavic-Germanic, and some Norse. So that’s strange to me but probably explains my fascination with the Celts and their culture and mythology. Finding your roots is finding yourself!

    • The Celts were fearsome warriors and and not unlike the Germanic tribes. They have often been mistaken for each other, the language being one of the only major differences, especially in northern Gaul (modern day northern France and Belgium). But you are right, we have lost connections with our roots here in North America, it is only right to be interested in your own culture and heritage. Keep researching and embracing your Ancestors!

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