Die Wiking Jugend

If only we still had good European organizations like the Wiking Jugend today.

Heathens of Vinland

Die Wiking Jugend (The Viking Youth), 1952-1994, was a post WWII youth organization based on the Hitler Youth. In 1994 the Wiking Jugend, as well as the use of the Odal rune as an organizational symbol, was banned in Germany.


The youth of today are in need of a program such as the Wiking Jugend. Children grow up with degenerate celebrities as their role models and only learn how to be degenerates themselves. Those of us lucky enough to be raised properly by people with true European values know better than to look up to said degenerates. We know what a true role model is. The youth should be learning of their heritage and the history of our people. They should be looking up to role models such as Raud the Strong and all the other heathen warriors who would rather die than give into the Christian plague.


Though it…

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