Children of Europe


After reading the post on Heathens of Vinland about the Wiking Jugend, I have given much thought to the situation of modern European children who have degenerate parents. I have thought about what we could do to set these young children on the right path. In the days of our ancestors, young men had no desire to rebel against their father, and young women had no desire to become little more than whores. There was a sense of pride in your family. Children wanted to grow up to be strong and honourable like their fathers, or compassionate and resilient like their mothers. They did not want to go against the religion of their ancestors because this was their religion, their spiritual heritage, and it promoted the good and honourable. They would never dream of adopting other people’s gods, because they were not theirs. They were told stories of the heroic deeds of their forebears, and took great pride from this. They regarded their elders with respect and honour.

We must not regard most European children as “lost causes”, their minds are not poisoned yet, there is still hope for them. What will we fight for if not our children, and the children of Europe? We must make sure there are good European influences for them, much like the Wiking Jugend and the Hitler Jugend. More and more Europeans are brainwashed into thinking that they should not have children. The world is overpopulated and children impede on personal freedom. How can you go out drinking and doing drugs all the time if you have to worry about your children. Plus, we are all the same anyway, so who cares if most of the new generation are brown? Anyone with half of a brain can see that this is utter nonsense. Unfortunately, most Europeans now seem to eat it up. As many have said before, the old ways are always better. It is time to reclaim our heritage and expel all outside influence. We can hope for a day that the children of Europe can be surrounded only by light, and not have to deal with the dark forces that have gripped Europe for so long. European children, European religion, European values, and a European Europe!

For Blood, Honour, and the Future of Europe! ᛟ




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