United we’ll stand, divided we’ll fall

Vinland Heritage

The biggest threat to the European race throughout the ages have always been our discords and dividing. May these discords have been provoke by the invasion of Europe by judeo-christianity or by political and cultural factors, the result is the same; we are always the losers whatever the motivation is in such situation. What happened at Cluain Tarbh on Good Friday 1014 or, to a greater extent, what happened in the whole of Europe between 1914 up to nowadays are good examples; once united European kins fought each other and finally, they severely suffered great loss and also lost all control on the governance of their common homeland. There’s many other examples worth mention for sure, but that is not the point; let’s not spatter old and recent wounds of Europe.



The point is that regardless ofnationality,as European brothersandsisters, weneed tostick together no…

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