Totalitarian Jewish Occupation Of Europe: Unfounded raid and arrest at Vikernes/Cachet’s house

Vinland Heritage

Dear pagan readers,

I’m out of word and really angry and afflicted by this morning news about the arrest of my dear friend Varg Vikernes. I just can’t digest it. I am totally disgusted and upset. Even if those kind of unfounded arrest, home invasion and lie propaganda are common in our European countries since the beginning of the 20th century, I will never get use to it nor digest it. Just like Varg told me yesterday: what a world we live in my friends.

My friends, we are at war whether we like it or not. This unfounded arrest is just another declaration of war toward us, European Ôðalists.  We need tostick togethermore than ever. We just can’t let this lie propaganda go on. Raise your voices and let everyone know the truth with proof in hands: 

War in Europe: Part V – Breivik Unveiled


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